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Who Does LIBA want on the City Council?

LIBA has given $6,700 to Taylor Wyatt, who is running against James Michael Bowers for the District 1 City Council seat vacated by mayoral candidate Cyndi Lamm. $6,700 is a hefty donation–more than three times the $2,000 Governor Pete Ricketts also gave to Taylor Wyatt. LIBA wants to maintain control over the District 1 seat,

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Why are your public utilities LIBA members?

We recently posted the directory of Lincoln Independent Business Association members as it was at the end of March 2019 when LIBA took it off their web site. Among the surprises on that list? Your gas and electric providers: A portion of LIBA membership fees goes to LIBA PAC. Even if LIBA grants exemptions to

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Why did LIBA start?

Way back in 1979 corporate extremists in Lincoln felt threatened by the existence of a group called Lincoln Alliance: Lincoln Alliance was a group of congregations and neighborhood organizations that wanted to keep Lincoln livable for all its residents. They had demanded an investigation into how much corporations owed in back taxes before a deadline

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