Who Does LIBA want on the City Council?

LIBA has given $6,700 to Taylor Wyatt, who is running against James Michael Bowers for the District 1 City Council seat vacated by mayoral candidate Cyndi Lamm. $6,700 is a hefty donation–more than three times the $2,000 Governor Pete Ricketts also gave to Taylor Wyatt.

Campaign finance disclosure form showing the sizable donation from LIBA to Taylor Wyatt.

LIBA wants to maintain control over the District 1 seat, and with Cyndi Lamm stepping down, they have found a similar candidate who promotes hatred for LGBTQIA+ residents and who views our public schools and university as threats to be destroyed rather than vital resources that provide crucial services to our community. Here are just a few tweets Wyatt has posted showing his contempt for people and resources that any city leader ought to be supporting. This is how LIBA uses its political dollars in our city. It’s time to leave LIBA.