Why did LIBA start?

Way back in 1979 corporate extremists in Lincoln felt threatened by the existence of a group called Lincoln Alliance:

Ad for Lincoln Alliance, 1979.

Lincoln Alliance was a group of congregations and neighborhood organizations that wanted to keep Lincoln livable for all its residents. They had demanded an investigation into how much corporations owed in back taxes before a deadline to collect those back taxes expired.

November, 1978. Lincoln Alliance demands the state collect corporate back taxes while they still can.

This people power so threatened corporate extremists in our city that they decided to crush it–not just by pooling their wealth, but by vilifying the people at Lincoln Alliance:

An ad attacking Lincoln Alliance, 1979

They accused Lincoln Alliance leadership of being disciples of Saul Alinsky, as if that were a terrible thing, and then made some pretty silly claims about Lincoln Alliance having a shocking interest in “power” because they advocate “people power.” (“People power” is also known as democracy and civic engagement.)

The ad goes on to talk about the “shadowy figure” of Lincoln Alliance becoming an ominous “bloc.”

Of course, these accusations are actually what LIBA wanted to do. They wanted to pool money to gain enough power to drown out residents.

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but maybe the residents of Lincoln are ready for a little people power again. Let’s get the word out about this anti-community PAC and make sure the great local businesses we love stop investing in hate. We can do better, Lincoln.